Emergence versus Reductionism

The World Formular for Everything (without Formular)

What is emergence?
Emergence is the "arising" of properties which were not existent before
and which arise if qualitatively different components combine or fall apart.

In so much as nuclear components and electrons combine into atoms,
in so much as the combination of oxygen and hydrogen results into water,
in so much as the fusion of parental genes results in the growth of a being,
which is different from them
the cognitive structures of the brain turn objective data into information,
and such create a new quality,
which we call spiritual.

It is always the same principle of blending different qualities,
a principle which creates new qualities/realities BY INTEGRATION OR BY DISINTEGRATION,
a principle already known by ancient thinkers
and which has been so brilliantly proven by modern research!

"Emergence" neither means the arising of qualities from nowhere,
nor the arising of properties that have previously existed somewhere.
Emergent properties are qualities = effects directed outwardly,
which show only in a new compound.
Thus, POTENTIALLY they have previously existed -
    however, the individual emergence partners do not possess these qualities!

    Thus, it is not possible to explain,
    the emergence alone through the participating effective partners
    such as the reductionists try to do,
    in order to seemingly "explain everything quite simply",
    because SOMETHING NEW has been created, for example life.

The chemical compounds of a living being
cannot explain why it is alive.
For "life" is exactly THE ORGANISATION of matter
aiming at self-reproduction,
    in order to maintain the organisation
while the organism as such dies.

    Life can only be understood in a living being,
    as much as consciousness can be understood
    by those facts of which one is conscious.
    Life and consciousness cannot be "explained" by reduction -
        they are simply there!
    Naturally, you can try
    to research into their nature and their history.
    (However, all beginnings are in the dark.)

As little as the addition of a "creator" explains something scientifically,
if you do not understand him as a metaphor of the creative process itself,
as little as that reductionism is helpful in science,
reductionism which, according to its materialistic doctrine, tries to explain
ALL phenomena in a purely material way.

Today, if it is claimed again and again that conscience has not yet been "explained",
this means in plain language:
that it could not yet be explained purely materialistically.
    We should not allow ourselves to be blinded in this respect.

He who denies that the spiritual sphere has its own quality,
he who does not want to know anything about the part of the observer
like an autist,
because he is hopelessly routine-blind,
also denies what defines being a human:
culture, civilization, wisdom and dignity.

Even the search of the smallest parts of matter
by further, more and more expensive disintegration into its components
- which, however, are only activity patterns of energies
which pass in split seconds -
belongs to the reductionist program
in the hope of once being able
to "explain" EVERYTHING with the smallest parts of all.
In this case, materialism would finally be "proven" for materialists.
However, only simple minds can be satisfied by this simplicity.

Whenever physicists try to "explain" something
which is quite clear,
they don't like any facts in their materialism -
be it measuring results or non-material phenomena.

However, even the "material" phenomena are only phenomena
which have been classified by us as "material",
and are not things.
We should stop being awed by such wiseacre actions.

    If the primal cause of all phenomena
    creates the existing phenomena through emergence,
    this primal cause itself is nothing of all these phenomena.
    Thus, we should refrain from
    classifying it as "material" "living" or "spiritual".
    "THE NAMELESS is the origin of the heaven and of the earth." (Lao-Tse)

In order to really understand the world,
the only solution is to enter into the respective state of being
and to accept it unconditionally.

Therefore we should not want to cultivate an anti-spiritual attitude,
that tries to reduce real spirit and real feelings.
We should think globally not only in politics and economy.
    Even in science we should deal with ALL phenomena of the world
    and to try to understand them in a loving way.
    It is only in this way that we stay in the fullness of being!

    Emergence is the immanent creative process
    through which the fullness of being happens quite naturally.
    An emergent view
    neither takes anything away from things,
    nor adds it anything to them from outside.
    From the world formular for everything without formular,
    which explains to us the phenomenal richness of experience.
    Emergence describes the action of a universal potential,
    which is transcendent for our minds that were trained by the phenomena.

However, no one is prevented from understanding
emergence as an expression or proof of a higher wisdom,
if such an acceptance makes sense for one's existence.
It is always enlightening to see oneself AS BEING ONE with the great whole.

And if the world does not have any answers anymore for you,
you can continue to entrust your questions and hopes to the highest authority
that seems competent to you in this matter.
However, it is always the own subconscious giving the answers - or it may not.

Translation by Martha Greiner-Jetha (Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany)

© HILLE 2002/2018

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